3D Video Enigma Video Training Course

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3D Video Enigma Video Training Course

Video 1- How To Create A 3D Video

Video 2- How To Install The WordPress Plugin

Video 3-  How To Set-Up A 3D Video On Your Website

Video 4- Bonus Features

Video 5-  How To Set-Up A Call To Action

Video 6- How To Make a Rotating Box & Disc Cover

Video 7- How To Set Up The Virtual Assistant

Video 8- How To Add In Reviews

Video 9- How To Use A YouTube Video

Video 10- How To Sell Your Videos And Make Money

Video 11- How To Use Re-targeting Scripts

Video 12- How To Delete Files

Video 13- How To Use Analytics

Video 14- How To Change Your Password

Video 15- How To Add In Background Music

Video 16- How To Use The Enigma Engager

Video 17- How To Use A/B Split Testing

Video 18- How To Add Social Media Icons

Video 19- How To Use The Green Screen Pixel Feature

Video 20- How To Edit My Photoshop Box Cover Template

Video 21- How To Edit  Box Cover Template With GIMP

Download GIMP

Photo Shop Files- Download My Photoshop Box Cover Template Below

Right click Box Cover Picture above or this button & "Save link as" to save this zip file
Download Extra Backgrounds For Your Templates Here
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