How To Improve Your Video Production Values

Video Production Is An Art Form. The Better You Get At It,
The More Authority You Hold When Using It!

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  • Audio Editing

    Learn how to maximize the effectiveness of super clean audio.

  • Audio Cleaning

    Learn what to look for when editing audio parts in post production.

  • Audio Eqing, Compression & Duplication

    Learn how to get the best sound out of your audio by using these proven techniques.

  • Video Cleaning

    Learn how to use different settings to beef up your video’s look and feel.

  • Video Music

    Learn how to implement music to add that extra emotion to your video environments.

  • Level Metering

    Learn how to make sure your video’s levels are up to standard broadcast settings .

  • Audio Enhancements

    Learn how to get a wall of sound by using this one simple technique.

  • Volume Pans

    Learn how to control the volume levels in certain parts to add more clarity.

Regular price $47
For A Limited Time Only $27

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Here are some pics of my studio where
I do all my work and editing...

My studio equipment is also describe in the training videos

Who is this product for?

  • q-iconWhat skill level do I need to benefit from this course?

    You need to at least know how to record a video and bring it into a video editor program such as Vegas Video, Adobe Premiere, or some other video editing platform. These lesson were created on Vegas Video, but the techniques can be applied with any editor with the same features.

  • q-iconWill this course help me improve my audio recordings?

    No and yes…It will show you how to enhance and fix your audio for the best quality sound, however…if your audio and video is already poorly recorded, it might be hard to fix such issues. It is best that you use good mics and video equipment to start with, so you can get the best sound quality for post production editing.

  • q-iconIf I'm a total newbie, can I still use this course?

    Yes. Even if you don’t have a video editor or video equipment, this would be a good start for you to learn the techniques before you even get started.

  • q-iconIs there a guarantee on this course?

    Of course…all my products have a 30 day money back guarantee!

Regular price $47
For A Limited Time Only $27

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Here's what some of the training videos look like...

Training video tutorials done inside the Vegas Timeline

Who is Ronnie Rokk Smith?

I've been doing video work and marketing tasks way back since the late 1990's. My video editing skills, came about when I open a my first Video Production Studio. Over the years I had the opportunity to create various projects such as: low budget films, music videos, training videos, presentations and a whole lot more. From all of these projects I have gained a wealth of knowledge that I can now pass down to others.