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Give Your Visitors A Totally New Experience While Watching Videos Online By Changing The Way Customers Experience Video...

  • 3d VIDEO

    With this software you can convert your video to anaglyph 3D. With the click of a button your views can toggle 3D on and off.

  • Geometry Player Is 3D Interactive

    Put your video in a Curved Player, Iphone, etc. viewers can grab the player with their mouse and move it around for a new never before interactive experience.

  • Copy & Paste Responsive Embedding

    You can embed your 3D Videos right into your website allowing your player to appear on any site or device.

  • Cloud based Technology

    You won’t have to install and software. Everything is done in your account online.

  • Calls To Action

    Powerful Call To Action Overlays grab your visitors and make them become leads and bring sales right from within the player itself.

So...What Do You Think Of This Rotating 3D Box Cover??? Guess What??? You Can Do This With This Software To...YUP!...Pretty Cool HUH?

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Here Are The Two Types Of 3D Video Technology That Video Enigma Uses!

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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Let's Take A Look At How The Program Works!

  • q-iconIs there training included?

    Learning the basic functions are included as Video Tutorials right inside the program by clicking on the “Tutorials Tab”

  • q-iconHow do I put the player onto my website?

    You simply upload your video to the media section and choose the player you want to use. then use the embed code. Tip: Use the “responsive code” so that your video is mobile optimized.

  • q-iconAre there any ongoing monthly fees?

    You have 3 packages to choose from. Premium, Most Popular, and Plus.

    Premium: offers a one-time fee of $19.97 and you can ONLY HAVE up to 50 videos in your Media Area.

    Plus: Offers a one-time fee of $27.00 and you ONLY HAVE up to 100 videos in your Media Area.

    Most Popular: is a re-concurring monthly fee of $27, but you can have UNLIMITED VIDEOS, but you are only allowed to upload 100 each month.

  • q-iconDoes it work on both PC and Mac?

    Video Enigma is cloud based, so you can access it on any computer or device with a web browser. Just log in from anywhere on anything, and get creating!

  • q-iconWhat video formats does Video Enigma accept?

    Video Enigma accepts almost all video file formats up to a size of 150MB per upload.

  • q-iconWhat 3D formats does Video Enigma support?

    Anaglyph 3D consists of 2 images of the same item. When viewed through special 3D glasses, either re/cyan or red/blue, the images merge to create a sensation of 3 dimensional depth and some images pop out of the screen. 3D geometric images allow the viewer to see the entire object while it rotates, spins, twirls or flips. A total 360 degree view.

  • q-iconCan I view Video Enigma videos on my 3D TV?

    Yes if your TV has a web browser/casting device where you can view a page with video Enigma on it, you can view the videos both in the player, and in 3D anaglyph format. However you will need to use the anaglyph re/cyan glasses as opposed to the one supplied with your 3D TV. The reason being Video Enigma is optimized for anaglyph 3D which is more easily accessible and usable on desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices.

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